Britain's Oldest Art


    The Ice Age cave art of Creswell Crags
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        31 Mar 2009


        This is the story of the discovery, in 2003, of Britain’s first Ice Age cave art at Creswell Crags. It includes a definitive list, photographs, drawings and description of the motifs and sets the discovery in its archaeological and geological context.

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          Britain’s first Ice Age cave art was discovered at Creswell Crags in 2003 by Paul Bahn, Paul Pettitt and Sergio Ripoll. The book starts with the discovery of the art, places the Ice Age archaeology of the crags in a national context, draws on continental parallels and details the scientific verification of the art. It concludes with a chapter on the national search for other examples of Ice Age cave art by the Cave Art Survey Team, commissioned by English Heritage.

          Providing a final, definitive list of the motifs, each with a photograph, line drawing and full description, while setting the art into its archaeological and geological context., the book is intended to inform specialists, students and visitors to the caves.

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          Paul G. Bahn
          Paul Pettitt

          Author Information

          Paul G. Bahn is a freelance writer, editor and translator of books on archaeology. His previous publications include Images of the Ice Age, Journey Through the Ice Age (1997), Mammoths (2007), The Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art (CUP,1998) and Cave Art: A Guide to the Ice Age Decorated Caves of Europe (2007).
          Paul Pettitt is Senior Lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology at the University of Sheffield.

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            Foreword: Michel Lorblanchet
            1. The discovery of cave art at Creswell Crags: Paul Bahn & Paul Pettitt
            2.  The Palaeolithic archaeology of Creswell Crags: Paul Pettitt & Roger
            3.  A review of the archaeological caves of the Creswell region: Andrew Chamberlain
            4.  The cave art of Creswell Crags: Paul Bahn & Paul Pettitt 
            5.  Verification of the age of the Palaeolithic cave art at Creswell Crags using Uranium-series disequilibrium dating: Alistair Pike, Mabs Gilmour and Paul Pettitt
            6.  The bedrock geology at Creswell Crags:  Michael Mawson
            7. The search for cave art elsewhere in England: Paul Bahn & Paul Pettitt


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