Conserving War Memorials


    Structural Problems and Repairs
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        14 Jun 2017

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          This technical note describes good practice for diagnosing and understanding the structural problems found in war memorials, with a focus on freestanding masonry and memorials built of concrete. It details what specialist advice may be required, and the steps that might follow diagnosis, including structural monitoring, emergency works and structural repair options. It also indicates where to get further help and advice.
          This note is intended for architects, building surveyors, structural engineers, project managers, contractors, craftspeople, conservators, and anyone else interested in the designing, specifying, conserving, and repairing of freestanding war memorials. It will also be of interest to those responsible for making decisions, such as local authority conservation officers, custodians, or volunteer groups.

          This technical advice note forms part of a series of resources produced by Historic England, to coincide with the centenary of the First World War, that cover the overall approach to caring for war memorials as well as some of the more poorly understood technical aspects. They include:
          •    guidance on how to record, repair, conserve, maintain and protect these unique monuments for future generations:
          The Conservation, Repair and Management of War Memorials and Conservation and Management of War Memorial Landscapes

          •    short technical advice notes covering inscriptions, structural problems and repairs and maintenance
          •    case studies on conservation options for specific war memorial issues
          •    films on technical aspects of war memorial conservation

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            •    Introduction
            •    Is there really a problem?
            •    Getting specialist advice
            •    Understanding the causes
            •    Repairs
            •    References and further reading
            •    Where to get advice
            •    Acknowledgements