Metric Survey Specifications for Cultural Heritage
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        15 Sep 2015


        A revised and updated third edition of Metric Survey Specifications for Cultural Heritage – the standard specification successfully used to procure metric survey.

        Main Summary

          Widely used by heritage professionals, when specifying survey work throughout the historic environment sector, and by academics researching building conservation, this is the specification for the Metric Survey Framework Agreement.

          Since the publication of the second edition in 2009 there have been a number of significant advances in surveying technologies.  These include the widespread use of laser scanning for measured building survey, the ubiquity of digital cameras, developments in photogrammetric software that enable the use of non-metric cameras, the use of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) to capture aerial photography, the adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the increased generation of the required datasets using laser-scanning technology.

          Readers will include heritage professionals who need to specify metric survey work or survey contractors who need to work to the specification or produce quotes based on Historic England’s requirements.  Academics concerned with heritage recording and conservation will also be interested.

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          Jon Bedford
          Paul Bryan
          David Andrews

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            1. General conditions and project information
            2. General performance and control of metric survey
            3. Format, presentation and provision of survey data
            4. Standard specification for image-based survey
            5. Standard specification for measured building survey
            6. Standard specification for topographic survey
            7. Standard specification for the collection, registration and archiving of terrestrial laser scan data
            8. Standard specification for the supply of building information modelling (BIM)